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    Predesign services both commercial and residential


    Existing facilities survey

    Feasibility Study

    Site Analysis

    Site development planning

    Assistance with surveyor and soils engineer selection

    Assistance with regulatory bodies


    Preliminary or schematic design

    Design development

    Construction documents (drawings and specifications)

    Bidding process

    Analysis of alternates/substitutions

    Administration of agreements between client and contractor

    Construction management

    Project closeout

    Warranty review


    The client has a vision; the architect can make it happen.

    The architect creates a total environment with options which help you get the most for your investment as well as delight in living.

    Limited budget? The architect saves you money, avoids potential problems, increases the value of your property.

    The architect is your representative. He knows codes, regulations, qualified contractors, and visits the job site to protect your interests.

    Assists with permits, review boards, engineering, designs with neighborhood in mind.

    AIA Contract: architectural fee is approximately 10% of construction cost (depending on size) for residential; commercial is less.

    Architect will coordinate work of surveyor, soils engineer, structural engineer, electrical engineer, and mechanical engineer (architect may do some engineering on small jobs).

    Landscaping services may be available.

    Architect provides sketches, sometimes computer visualization, models, renderings to familiarize you with design.

    Cost estimating.


    Provides information to architect

    Makes decisions on finishes, colors, exterior, interior (architect will provide choices)

    Approves and makes payments to contractor with approval from architect

    Discusses all changes during construction with architect to avoid misunderstandings with contractor

    If a dispute arises with contractor, architect is mediator

    Understands that the architect is the most knowledgable and familiar with design; communications should be channeled through architect.

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