Hairabedian ARG Architects

HAIRABEDIAN ARG ARCHITECT was established 1969 with offices in Aspen, CO and Utah. Full architectural services in design, renovation, energy conservation, master planning, and construction administration are provided.


Hairabedian has been designing custom homes for over 35 years; he specializes in mountain areas and steep hillsides. Siting a building is of first importance. The building must rest comfortably. Environment is integral as landscape moves in and around the building. Experience of interior space provides surprise and delight in addition to bountiful light, plenty of storage, and attention to custom lifestyle spaces for hobbies/interests/work.


Includes both shopping centers and smaller retail boutiques where the visitor experiences delight in setting as well as the shopping experience. Hairabedian has also updated existing shopping centers.


Includes ski restaurants, a 200-room hotel with Master Plan for skiing, condominiums, restaurants, and parking, a mountain ski restaurant renovation which sports a glider plane hanging from the ceiling, small hotel renovations, and non-mountain restaurants.


Includes multi-story office buildings and small office buildings all of which delight workers in various ways sometimes with interior atriums well-lit with vegetation, sometimes with skylights and displays of art. Particular attention to energy conservation and adherence to seismic requirements is a necessary part of the design process.


Includes a cast concrete ski school curved to reflect the mountain on which it rests with roof for gathering students and a small technical college 100 year building converted to conference use. Most unusual, the Architect guided student participation in the construction process. This was sometimes frustrating, but in the end, it was rewarding for all.


Includes a welcoming and imaginative children’s museum and a community mission for the homeless designed with an awareness of both homeless and neighborhood sensitivities.

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